The Lagorai alpine Resort & Spa, the Fiemme valley and the protection of the environment

Since wood is a source of clean and sustainable energy, the Lagorai Alpine Resort & Spa has decided to do its part for the protection of the environment of the Fiemme valley

Protection environment Lagorai-Fiemme valley

The surrounding woods are not only a precious heritage, a vital and peaceful place of the uncontaminated nature, but also an important element to protect and respect.
The sustainable use of wood as a raw material is a fundamental issue at the Lagorai Alpine Resort & Spa. Heating is ensured by a wooden biomass power plant fed by unused and untreated wood waste such as wood shavings, bark, cut up (the so-called wood chips).
Wood is a renewable resource since it continuously regenerates in virtue of carbon dioxide naturally contained in air, water and solar energy.
Wood CO2 emissions are almost insignificant. In fact, wood combustion only releases the CO2 quantity that trees have absorbed during their growth through the photosynthesis process; thus making CO2 balance to reach a breakeven point.
In terms of the protection of the environment, applying to local resources entails a decrease in transport costs, thus contributing too to the reduction of air pollution.   

Protection environment Lagorai-Fiemme valley

The Fiemme valley and the Paneveggio natural park are rich in wood and wood industry is one of the main activities of the local economy.
Our masters of the wood are the most appreciated in Trentino Alto Adige; besides excellent handicrafting, the precious red pinewood of the Fiemme valley is the starting point for the production of the renowned sound boxes used when making musical instruments such as pianos, harpsichords and the world-famous lutes.

At your arrival we will be pleased to invite you to visit the fascinating boutique of the Opere Sonore of Tesero, where peculiar sound boxes are manufactured. These jewels are the reflect of an accurate selection of the pinewoods of the Fiemme Valley; among them it is worth mentioning the “L’Albero della Musica” as it was defined by Antonio Stradivari.

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